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The vision of our WGX Hosting™ business is to provide stable and reliable cloud services for Gamers and Techies who directly support nonprofit organizations, small business, political campaigns, school social clubs, and web professionals. We continue to provide simple managed web services with Linux and Windows hosting as we develop new gaming and mapping products.

Founded by Ken Bartash in 1991 offering specialty cartographic services for text books, our business has evolved into a reliable web services provider for web saavy technicians with Linux open source and Windows hosting. WarGamex Partners is also maker of its own exclusive game simulation system and specialty geospatial map products.

Our web services are design to provide a high level of simplicity and reliability for those with technical expertise behind the technology especially geared to nonprofits, business, campaigns, and professionals needing web services simplicity. We focus on providing just simple and reliable web services offering only the level of services needed by our clients web saavy Techies without the overhead services and additional costs.

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The Partners

KEN BARTASH | Managing Partner
Our Founder has decades from the beginnings of technology with electron tube systems, to synchronous mechanical computers, to reel-to-reel data storage, then mainframe and DOS personal computers, into today's modern client-server and cloud computing platforms. Ken brings to ITONIX-WarGamex his extensive Internet knowledge and experience in Linux and Windows hosting with integrated open source web applications. He manages web service delivery, operations, and provisions that keeps everything running smoothly for our clients. He has dabbled into so many divergent technologies over the years too long to list. His daytime work involves expertise in military planning, design, and implementation of Microsoft application infrastructures as an architect and manager. He is also a campaign badge veteran of the US Navy during the Iran Hostage Crisis, and has served the military forces for over thirty years with two deployments to IRAQ during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

BRYAN BISH | Executive Partner
He has specialized in the retail and food service industries for many years to include managing all of the customer service duties as team leader running rotating shifts. Bryan joins ITONIX-WarGamex as its executive partner running the administration and finance to keep the business afloat. He takes care of all the paperwork and record keeping to make sure our clients receive the best personalized services. His primary focus is to evolve the client experience to inlcude ordering, billing, security, and customer support.



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    Professional Client - Irving, Texas
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    Business Client - Springfield, Missouri
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    Business Client - Holetown, Barbados