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Web Hosting for Gamers and Techies


WarGamex provides quality and reliable Simple Managed Web Hosting for Techies with flat-rate pricing for managed hosting. We accept electronic payments using Free and secure PayPal® email invoices. We then send verification and promptly process your order. Refer to terms of service as outlined in the WarGamex Service Agreement.

To order web services for the first time use this online Order Form, then subsequent orders and renewals sent 30 days in advance with automated PayPal invoicing. Checks not accepted. To purchase or renew your web service online via PayPal secure transaction follow these steps:

PayPal Small Business1. Select desired item in drop down, then click "Add to Cart" button for each service.
2. When done adding to your cart, click "View Cart" button at the bottom of this page.
3. Review your order items and quantity, then add any additional order instructions.
4. When ready Checkout and we will process your order and instructions in 48 hours.


Purchase, renew, or transfer your Basic, Standard, Generic, and Deluxe domain name (Level 1-4) from our extensive available extension listing. Domain Name Registration for all level extensions includes full-service technical administration, custom record configuration, monitoring of security, owner record validation, and annual billing in one-year increments. Refer to Domain Names for specific name extension levels before ordering. Transfer of one Basic Domain Name is Free for nonprofit organizations and clubs or with the purchase of WarGamex Windows Hosting Plans. Email contact@wargamex.com to purchase the unique EXSTAR.COM or EXSTAR.NET domain name.

Domain Name Registration:


Our cloud hosting offers the most affordable way to host in the WarGamex Cloud providing the basics to host a complete website on your unique subdomain with email and file transfer accounts, and then add a webapp and database. Cloud hosting offers secure privacy and flexibility to pay exactly what you need without the cost of domain names and hosting plans. Each email account must be unique [name@name.itonix.net] and do not require a Subdomain, but is required for a secure FTP accounts. Each Subdomain must be unique [name.itonix.net] and includes unlimited storage. Only one webapp and database is allowed per Subdomain. Email support at contact@wargamex.com. Cloud hosting service is unlimited and ordered each with annual billing.


Cloud Hosting Plan:

Our Premium Hosting plan offers: 50 Domain names; Unlimited storage space; Unlimited bandwidth; Unlimited data and file transfer; Unlimited Domain web statistics with Telnet access; 1 Unique IP address; Unlimited Email accounts with OX webmail; 100 Oracle® MySQL databases; 50 secure FTP user accounts; 1 local secure server certificate; optional NetObjects® Fusion site builder; Email/voicemail support at contact@wargamex.com. Refer to Hosting Plans for specific plan features for comparison before ordering. Nonprofit organizations and clubs get one Free Webapp Installation (Level 1-2) with the purchase of any WarGamex Linux Hosting Plan.


Linux Hosting Plans:

Our Application Hosting plan offers: 60 Domains, sub-domains, IIS dedicated app pools; Unlimited storage space on Microsoft® Windows Server Standard; Unlimited bandwidth, Jscript, CF, ASP, VB, MVC, CGI, PHP; Unlimited data and file transfers; Unlimited statistics, Visual Studio, prompt; Unlimited email accounts with OX webmail; 60 secure FTP user accounts; 30 Microsoft SQL databases; 15 local secure server certificates; Email/voicemail support at contact@wargamex.com. Refer to Hosting Plans for specific plan features for comparison before ordering. Nonprofit organizations and clubs get one annual Domain Name transfer Free with the purchase of any WarGamex Windows Hosting Plan.

Windows Hosting Plans:


Complete setup of latest stable version with testing of one web application as listed by level category. Microsoft® cloud online Level 5 webapps require additional license and client fees, please contact contact@wargamex.com before ordering.
LEVEL 1: Feed-on-Feeds, FormMail, Mico, OpenVBX, PhpMyCounter, PhpESP, PhpFreeChat, Piwik, SiteBar, sRecommender, WebCalendar, WebCards, WordPress, Coppermine, DocuWiki, Gallery, Koken, Php MyCoins, PhpList, Tiny Web Gallery, Xoda, ZenPhoto.
LEVEL 2: PhpBB, SM Forum, StatusNet, Vanilla, XMB, MediaWiki, PhpWiki, b2Evolution, Concrete5, Contao, Drupal, e107, GetSimple, Joomla, Mambo, MODX Evolution, Splash Frog, TextPattern, Xoops.
LEVEL 3: CubeCart, Magneto, OpenX, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Zen-Cart, Atrium, Friendika, Kliqqi, Moodle, Php Nuke, Php Groupware, CS Live Helper, Php MyFAQ, HelpCenterLive, Trac.
LEVEL 4: dotProject, Ecoder, Omeka, Open EMR, PhpGedView, PhProjekt, Sugar CRM.
LEVEL 5: Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint Online, Project Online.

WebApp Installation:


OX-MAIL PROTECTION: Protect your OX-Mail Standard inbox from viruses and malware with our premium antivirus protection.
OX-MAIL BUSINESS: All features of our standard email with a large 50 GB online storage for your mailbox, OX-Drive portal explorer, premium antivirus protection, plus Outlook integration for corporate networks per email account. Includes automatic increased storage for the associated email account(s) you can provide under the Special Instructions section at checkout.
SITEBUILDER: All of our hosting plans offer the optional integrated webapp for designing and managing your own professional website. Site builder can be purchased as an service extra with a two versions: SiteBuilder for up to five web pages and SiteBuilder Business for up to 500 web pages.
EXTRA DATABASE: All hosting plans offer one or more Free relational database of your choice with MySQL for Linux Hosting and MSSQL for Windows Hosting. Cloud Hosting plan supports MySQL only and requires web address. The database owner account is setup with standard login and password can be changed after activation.
SITELOCK SECURITY: Get web pages checked for malware and security vulnerabilities with daily malware scan, SiteLock seal displayed on website, search engine blacklist monitoring, SSL verification, and monthly website scans.
UNIQUE IP: Dedicated IP address for one domain, sub-domain, web application, custom domain name record, or VPN tunnel.
CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORK: High performance system caches static content and distributes over 34 global data centers server nearest to website visitors. Includes SiteLock Security plus advanced domain security monitoring protection.
DIGITAL CERTIFICATE: Secure SSL with Green Bar validation requires Unique IP including EV configuration and record backup.
ONLINE MARKETING: Monthly newsletter distribution and search engine optimization including website page metadata coding to provide automated generation for listing in the top 30 search directories.


Extra Features:

Please contact contact@wargamex.com for help and more information about our Web Services and check out our upcoming WarGamex Store too!