Web Hosting for Gamers and Techies


WarGamex™ offers basic and advanced optional add-on features for our hosting plans. We have choices in webmail interface, relational databases, secure server, and maintenance plans. Many of these extras are Free and easily available to order online with no setup fee or payment needed. Our upgraded email platform and webmail interface is provided in partnership with 1&1 IONIS Internet, the global leader in data center email platforms.

With this upgrade, we offer our clients the cutting-edge in webmail interfaces using Open-Xchange (OX) Portal Platform to include OX-Mail Standard or Business with the OX-Drive file storage option. Refer to WarGamex Open-Xchange App Suite Brochure for an overview of OX features included with all hosting plans. Our relational databases include the latest versions of Oracle® MySQL™ for Linux hosting plans and Microsoft® SQL Server and ODBC support for Windows hosting plans. WarGamex supplies user accounts and integrated administration panel for direct management of databases in each cloud address, domain, or sub-domain.


1&1 IONIS OX-Mail StandardAll hosting plans offer Open-Xchange Mail Standard portal with 2 GB data storage at no charge for your email communications, calendar scheduling, and task list, and reminder notifications. With our super fast webmail interface you can confiure options, control unwanted SPAM with rule options, and download apps for Android mobile devices. You can also connect other accounts running IMAP and POP3 protocol into OX-Mail and consolidate all your email and contacts. Clients can access their domain OX-Mail portal by browsing to your personal webmail subdomain mail.domain.com and login with your email address and password. For help with the portal features of OX-Mail, please refer to the reference User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

The number of spam emails increases every day. Protect your inbox from viruses and other malware with our premium Antivirus Protection for mail subscription. This optional service can be activated for your OX-Mail Standard email account to provide: 1) Automatic scan of incoming emails, 2) Protection against viruses, worms and Trojans, and 3) Automatically receive live updates.

1&1 IONIS OX-Mail Android

Get the OX-Mail app for Android by searching Google Play for "1&1 Mail" on your phone or web browse to download the app 1&1 IONIS Mail here.
Get the OX-Drive app for Android by searching Google Play for "1&1 Online Storage" on your phone or browse to download 1&1 IONIS Storage here.

1&1 IONIS OX-Mail BusinessWith the optional Open-Xchange Mail Business portal you get the standard features with 50 GB online email with premium virus protection and file storage with OX-Drive portal explorer. This provides business team sharing for email and files or personal photos and multimedia anytime, anywhere with integrated OX-Mail portal. Use built-in document management with OX-Drive from all your computers running any operating system, and the use Device Sync with Google® and Apple® apps for all popular tablets and mobile devices. OX-Mail Business also real-time virus protection and MXConnector plugin for Microsoft Outlook to consolidate with your corporate email networks. Clients can access their OX-Mail portal by going to your own unique webmail subdomain mail.domain.com and login to the email or online storage service with your email address and password. OX-Drive is integrated into the OX-Mail portal interface and available from the main menu. Use the Service Extras section of the Order Form to purchase OX-Mail Business with extra email storage and OX-Drive explorer.

Microsoft ExchangeWith the optional Microsoft® Exchange mail for Business you get Office professional features with 25 GB mailbox and premium virus protection and file storage including the latest version of Microsoft Outlook 365. This provides business team sharing for email, calendar, tasks and sync with Outlook desktop on all your Windows devices. Each Microsoft Exchange account includes Microsoft Outlook 2016 desktop client software license for use on local computers. Exchange accounts also get access to Outlook Webapp online by going to your own unique webmail subdomain mail.domain.com and login with your email address and password. Use the Service Extras section of the Order Form to purchase Microsoft Exchange for your email account with Office 365 features.


Oracle MySQL All of our Web Hosting plans include Free setup with complete and integrated self-management of the most powerful relational database systems in MySQL by Oracle® with the power for millions of data queries. The hosted community edition is installed for your domain with all advanced features of the world's most popular open source database. It is available under the GPL license and is supported by a huge and active community of open source developers and has a well established administration panel MyPhpAdmin. It contains architecture that makes its engine extremely fast and easy to customize. Extensive reuse of code within the software and a minimal approach to produce maximum functionally.

Microsoft SQLFor our Windows Hosting plans we offer a Free customized shared workgroup edition of SQL Server (MSSQL) as the web compatible foundation of Microsoft's data platform. This delivers mission-critical performance with in-memory technologies and faster insights on any data, whether on-premises or in the cloud. As a powerful relational database it enables high-performance, in-memory security technology across OLTP, data warehousing, BI and analytics workloads for up to 30x faster transactions and 100x query performance gains. Use MSSQL for enhanced high availability with up to eight readable secondaries, greater security and scalability, and hybrid backup and disaster recovery across on-premises. WarGamex continues to monitor and announce upgrades to its hosted version licenses for the latest data center edition MSSQL when available.


All of our hosting plans offer the optional integrated webapp for general and ecommerce design and management of your business or professional website. The NetObjects® Fusion site builder can be purchased as a service extra with a two versions: SiteBuilder (up to 5 web pages) and SiteBuilder Business (unlimited web pages). Clients will appreciate the ease and speed with which they can build their website, and the ease with which they can change just about any aspect of it. With different layouts, color schemes, and dozens of designs available. Your websites will automatically be created with all the required images, including logos, buttons, and sidebars. The images can all be generated in the chosen colors and desired text, it even has quality rollover buttons are as simple as selecting a specific layout.

Fusion guides the user step-by-step, providing simple choices regarding color, style and images. Content of the website is stored separately from the layout. Fusion includes a number of built-in color combinations that look great with 80 layout templates in total. Fusion dynamically generates the images it needs for each web site design, so the necessary image is automatically created. Create an online photo album, or insert a personal picture to make it a seamless part of the page logo. For ecommerce create an integrated on-line shopping cart store with shopping cart, secure payment gateway, and a merchant account services, or use your PayPal account.

Content Delivery Network We offer the Content Delivery Network (CDN) which is a network of servers located in multiple data centers around the world to improve the availability and performance of web content to site visitors. The CDN caches the static content of your website and distributes it over a network of 34 data centres around the world. Visitors to your website will get the data from their closest web server, allowing your website to load faster for users worldwide. This advanced framework also protects your website by detecting the malicious traffic you receive and determining whether it is legitimate or malicious. It automatically makes your website safer against spammers, SQL injection attacks, DDoS attacks, excessive bot crawling, and other vulnerabilities.

Online MarketingOur partners have over 30 years in enterprise web technologies and online infrasctructures for web application implementation, web server administration, and user interface development both in data centers and in the cloud. WarGamex Hosting can offer your business with professional consulting service and subject matter expertise for the following web application projects:

  • Technical proposal writing for contracts
  • Website design and database integration
  • Web application system configuration
  • Microsoft Office 365 and PowerBI 365
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server and SharePoint 365
  • Microsoft Project Server and Project 365


Secure CertificateOur Linux Standard or Premium Hosting and Windows Application Hosting plans offer the service extra of green secure digital certificates. The highest level of encryption security is provided by Comodo® with guaranteed extended validation with the green address bar prominently displays your site for visual assurance to customers. The level 2048-bit encryption provides the highest level of security for applications with e-commerce, PII transactions, and encrypted service deliveries. Our digital certificates are compatible with all major web browsers and available as a service extra to select hosting plans for one year. An EV SSL digital certificate offers the highest available levels of trust and authentication to your website guaranteed for a low annual subscription. Refer to the following link for technical specifications in the WarGamex Comodo EV-SSL Certificates brochure.

SiteLockIdentify and prevent security holes on your website before hackers do! Malware refers to malicious programs performing functions which are harmful or not wanted by visitors. This can lead to your website being classified as infected by Google and other search engines or your visitors being redirected todubious or competitor websites when they visit your website. With SiteLock security on your WarGamex hosting plan you get your web pages checked for malware and security vulnerabilities plus these additional features: Daily malware scan, SiteLock seal for your website, Search engine blacklist monitoring, SSL verification, Monthly web apps, database, and scripting scans.

Dedicated IP AddressIf you need a dedicated or unique IP Address we offer this as a low-cost service extra to add to any of our hosting plans. This allows running your own secure mail server or assigning a local server or advanced green digital certificate for your domain name. Having a dedicated IP address has been shown to offer the additional benefits to help provide higher visibility with search engine results and spider programs. The Unique IP service also will boost the independence factor of your domain to prevent spammers from attacks on email servers configured with an IP address hosted on shared servers.